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Sun & Moon Ultra Prism 3-Pack Blister

Sun & Moon Ultra Prism 3-Pack Blister

Ultra Prism 3 Pack Blister

Packs are sold as 3 Pack Blisters. For each blister purchased 3 packs will be opened and will also recieve the Promo card and Coin.

I will open in the current Live, If I am live at the time, or I will open in the next available live. 

Sent Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded, well protected.

No Refunds or Returns on this item. Artworks are randomised, there could be variants in a stream or there could be a whole stream of one artwork, there are no guarantees, it's whatever is in stock at the time!


    Sealed Booster Packs To Be Opened on Livestream


    No returns or refunds on this product.


    Items will be shipped out within 48 hours of the end of the stream.

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